Competition Rethinking The Urban Residential



Participants are asked to rethink a 7-10 floors residential building in an urban setting. They need to propose a design for a building that uses minimal energy to provide comfort for its users and inhabitants

Green, sustainable, low energy, zero energy or nearly zero energy buildings are terms used to define a specific approach to architecture. Furthermore, four time frames are linked to the previous labels:

1- Embedded energy of construction materials
2- Energy consumed within the construction phase
3- Overall lifespan energy consumption or (yearly energy consumption)
4- End of life or the energy needed for demolition, decommissioning or recycling

Participants are expected to deal with at least two time frames one of which is the building’s yearly energy consumption.
Participants are NOT required nor expected to do energy simulation or any other software simulation.
Similarly, No Energy calculations are expected.


Entry Conditions

1- Entries can be made individually or by teams.
2- All team members should be younger than 30 years old on competition launch (born After March 21, 1990). Winning teams failing to prove this for any team member will have their entry disqualified.
3- Teams or individuals can submit more than one entry, as long as the entries are duly registered during the allocated time period and submitted before the deadline May 31st, 11:59pm Beirut Time (GMT +3:00).
4- All submissions are done electronically there is no paper nor model submission required.
5- All correspondences for queries and, or for technical assistance are done through Dar[e] email
6- Anyone directly affiliated to Dar[e] cannot join in.
7- It is strictly forbidden to get in touch with any jury member, or with Dar[e] organizing committee.
8- It is strictly forbidden to mark the submission sheets with anything that might reveal the team.


Judgment Criteria

9- Entries are judged anonymously; a number is assigned on registration and should be visible on all submitted sheets.
10- Entries are judged individually and anonymously for their:
a. Combined creative and innovative architectural design approach,
b. Proposal of integrating the program
c. Proposal of dealing with energy reduction and, or conservation
d. Proposal of how user comfort is reached
11- Within their proposal for energy and comfort, entries are expected to deal and to present in a concise and clear way (more graphic, less text)
a. Passive design solution,
b. Material choices,
c. Cooling/heating strategies
12- Active design solutions are not expected to be intrinsic part of the entries.
13- The decision of the jury is final and cannot be revoked.
14- Since the projects are judged individually, if no project has reached an acceptable set benchmark, no first prize would be won, yet the first prize money would be divided onto two other projects (hence up to four winners between second and third place).


Specific guidelines

1- Participants are NOT required nor expected to do energy simulation or any other software simulation. Similarly, No Energy calculations are expected.
2- Since all entries are digital, judgment will also be only digital, based on the shared presentation template size, participant should take this into account when planning their submission.
3- Participants are expected to show through night/day and seasonal sketches how the building will behave in terms of providing comfort with minimal energy (Passive design).
4- Participants should also propose a solution for the outdoor area extending from the site into the large pedestrian road to provide a yearlong pleasant outdoor or semi-outdoor area which that provide basic comfort for users.


Terms & Conditions

A- By submitting your entry you agree that all submissions shall become property of Dar[e] which has the full and perpetual rights to use the materials in any form that fits their present and future goals among other for archiving, exhibiting, digital publishing, hardcopy publishing, promotion, promoting future similar events, or dissiminating knowledge and knowhow in the field of energy reduction, comfort studies and sustainable environmental design.
B- Entrants accept and agree that the jury final decision is final and non-appealable, and that it is the combined and agreed decision of all the jurors togethers, where Dar[e] coordinated the process.
C- It is the sole Participants responsibility to acknowledge any external source used, may it be graphical or a text reference. Failing to do so and if noticed within the judgment process will result in automatic disqualification. Dar[e] declines any current or future responsibility if such an incident occurs.

Upon Registration you will receive

1-Detailed program 

2-Detailed Site (cad & pdf)

3-Weather details

4-Entry requirements (sheet size & entry numbers)

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